Sona fashion tips for MPs

Sona presents a great chance for MPs to showcase their fashion sense. But not everyone gets it right...

CAPE TOWN - The red carpet will be rolled out this week for Parliament's biggest night of the year.

Politicians and prominent South Africans traditionally use the president's State of the Nation Address (Sona) to showcase their personal style.

But while some get it right, others have made it into the fashion hall of shame.

Cape Town-based stylist Olivia Davidson says the event presents an unusual opportunity for MPs.

"Obviously for the State of the Nation Address anything goes really, because it's a chance for parliamentarians to go all out and show their constituents that they do have a bit of a personality, so they can have fun on the red carpet."

However, she adds, their enthusiasm can often benefit from being toned down slightly.

"Personally I'd like to see a little bit more restraint."

"I'd like to see some ladies who can demonstrate their love of fashion without going over the top, without being too eccentric. I think always simplicity is best, and choosing the right clothes for your proportions really is key..."

Without naming names, some of the worst crimes against fashion that Davidson can recall include a very badly fitted white trouser suit which was "totally inappropriate", a top-to-toe leopard print suit and of course THAT very bright canary yellow boobtube dress which she calls "a very unfortunate choice" which

"stole the limelight for all the wrong reasons".

"Showing too much flesh, showing too much leg, showing too much cleavage I think it's a no-no, it just gives off the wrong signal."

"If you are simple, chic and understated but still elegant you will draw the right comments... You want to be remembered for being stylish, not for being tacky..."

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