Court: Dramat can return to work with immediate effect

The court further dismissed the Police Ministry’s application to appeal the decision.

Hawks boss Anwa Dramat. Picture: Facebook.

PRETORIA - The High Court in Pretoria has ruled that Hawks head Anwa Dramat can return to work with immediate effect.

It's further dismissed the Police Ministry's application to appeal the decision, declaring his suspension unlawful and invalid.

Judge Bill Prinsloo has ruled that the order allowing Dramat to return to work shall operate and be executed in full.

He added the order shall remain in effect irrespective of any other present or future appeals challenging the decision until such appeals are finalised.

Prinsloo further dismissed the police minister's request to challenge his earlier finding that the top cop's suspension unlawful and invalid.

The judge ordered that minister is to pay the cost for both applications, meaning tax payers will ultimately foot the bill.

The Helen Suzman Foundation has welcomed the ruling, hailing it as a victory for the constitution.

Dramat was placed on precautionary suspension late year, pending an investigation into whether he played a role in the illegal rendition of Zimbabweans in 2010