Unexpected load shedding jams up CT roads

Stage two load shedding started this morning, snarling up CT’s busiest intersections.

FILE: Traffic lights not working in Cape Town as a result of load shedding by Eskom. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Load shedding is causing traffic jams on some of the Mother City's roads.

In an unexpected development this morning, Eskom said it's now lost power generation capacity at at least five of its units across the country, forcing it to implement stage two load shedding earlier than anticipated and for a longer period.

The power utility implemented stage two load shedding from 8am this morning, resulting in some traffic lights being out of order.

Eskom says it had multiple trips at several power stations this morning.

In addition to the equipment that went offline on Wednesday, another set of generators has been affected.

The blackouts are expected to last until 11pm.

The City of Cape Town's Traffic Service's Richard Coleman says officers aren't able to cover every area affected by power cuts.

"Due to the load shedding we've got a couple of robot intersections that would be out. Our traffic officers cover the main intersections and then we've also got the OUTsurance personnel that also assist at some of those intersections."

On Wednesday, the utility implemented stage one and stage two of rolling blackouts due to technical problems after power cuts were implemented across the country between 5pm and 10pm on Tuesday.

The parastatal has warned that the power grid remains vulnerable and while it's doing extensive maintenance work, it may be forced to implement power cuts at a moment's notice.

It's urged customers to continue to use energy sparingly and has once again appealed to customers to switch off non-essential appliances to conserve electricity.

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