Van Loggerenberg resigns from Sars

The group executive quit because it was in the best interests of the service.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - South African Revenue Services (Sars) group executive Johann van Loggerenberg has resigned from his post.

He quit because it was in the best interests of the service and the country.

Van Loggerenberg said he accepted that Moyane acted in absolute good faith when faced with certain matters within Sars.

He was placed on suspension in November following claims he headed and ran a brothel, and spied on politicians.

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane also suspended his deputy, Ivan Pillay, and stopped executive committee meetings since taking over at the service.

Van Loggerenberg said he erred in his personal judgment in his private life and that he will take full responsibility for this.

That was a reference to his relationship with attorney Belinda Walter who first made the claims the unit was spying on people.

Van Loggerenberg believes that disciplinary procedures Sars followed against him have now been fully dealt with.