Patriots win Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl XLIX saw the Seattle Seahawks losing marginally to the New England Patriots 28-24.

Patriots become the sixth franchise in #NFL history to win at least four Super Bowls. Picture: Twitter @BostonGlobe

JOHANNESBURG - This year's Super Bowl XLIX saw the Seattle Seahawks losing marginally to the New England Patriots 28-24.

The match was played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in New England.

The Patriots have now won their fourth Lombard trophy with captain Tom Brady winning the MVP award after scoring four touchdowns during the game.

After the winning touchdown, a fight broke out between the teams due to the Seahawks' frustration over losing the Super Bowl in the final 18 seconds.

Pepsi was the major sponsor in this year's Super Bowl and were prevalent in their advertising during the half time show.

The 13-minute half time show saw pop star Katy Perry wowing audiences with a mash up of her chart topping songs such as Roar, Teenage Dream and Dark Horse.

Perry used dancing sharks, wild animals, fake palm trees, a chess board with live pieces and an animatronic lion, which opened the show as she rode in on its back.

Speculation was rife over the special guest promised by Perry for the half time show.

The excitement however died when it was revealed the special guest was rapper Missy Elliot.

Elliot has not released a single since 2008 and was not well known to the vast majority of audiences attending the match.

Perry also had Lenny Kravitz playing the guitar on stage during her performance and the two were said to have rocked it out on stage in a duet of Perry's I Kissed a Girl.

Commercials have become part of Super Bowl traditions with a 60 second advert costing around $4,5 million.

The 2015 edition saw the rise of adverts targetting important social issues.

Dove For Men centred their advert around the roles men played in the lives of children following heavy criticism by various charities over the lack of involvement of men in family affairs.

Other commercials involved humour and the "cute factor", like Budweiser's advert which was the top commercials during the finals.

While most adverts were aimed at promoting movies, games and products, the NFL launched an advert for its 'No More Campaign'.

The commercial was the most hard-hitting and potent advertisement during the final.

The campaign centred on domestic violence, a major concern in the NFL this season with two players, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, caught on camera beating their child and fiancée respectively.

Last night's celebrations for the New England Patriots set social media alight.

Some took the time to point out that while he may be captain and the league's most valuable player (MVP) of the NFLs best side, Tom Brady needs to work on his social skills.