NPA: Nothing sinister about Selebi’s prosecution

The NPA considers the former police chief’s corruption case closed.

FILE: Jackie Selebi ahead of his corruption trail at the high court in Johannesburg on 14 April, 2009. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says the courts have already decided there was nothing sinister about the prosecution of former Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

It adds it won't revisit the matter and considers the case closed.

This follows calls at the weekend for the matter to be reviewed following Selebi's death late last month.

The former national police commissioner died more than a week ago. He was said to be suffering from end-stage kidney disease brought on by diabetes.

He was laid to rest at the weekend.

An independent panel reviewed the case against Selebi, a High Court convicted him and the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld that ruling.

The NPA's Velekhaya Mgobhozi says the prosecuting authority is not reviewing the case again, as there was no improper conduct.

"This question of improper conduct was raised and this question again of the NPA suppressing or hiding or concealing evidence was also exhausted and then the court found that there was nothing sinister."

Former Crime Intelligence head Mulangi Mphego says he was neutralised by the NPA and his evidence suppressed.

Selebi was sentenced to 15 years in 2010 for taking bribes from convicted drug dealer Glen Agliotti.

He was released on medical parole in July 2012, with the medical parole board saying he was suffering from irreversible kidney failure, a stroke, diabetes, heart and eye disease, and motor function impairment.


The NPA says it's not relooking at the case against Selebi and considers the matter closed.

Former Crime Intelligence head Mulangi Mphego claimed that Selebi's relationship with Glenn Agliotti was a sanctioned intelligence project.

NPA spokesperson Velakhaya Mgobhozi said an independent panel reviewed the case against Selebi, a high court convicted him and the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the ruling.

He says there is no reason to review the case again.

"The NPA isn't looking into the matter - it is closed."

Mgobhozi added courts also looked at claims that the prosecution was tainted and found there was nothing sinister.