MEC visits 'racially segregated' school

Panyaza Lesufi concluded a walkabout at Curro Foundation School & will meet with the principal.

Curro Private School in Roodeplaat. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has concluded a walkabout at the Curro Foundation School in Roodeplaat, Pretoria and is currently meeting with its principal to discuss the alleged racial segregation of pupils.

The school was plunged into controversy last week after it emerged pupils of different races were allegedly separated due to cultural reasons.

But the school has denied any racism and says the separation is due to its language preferences.

Lesufi visited both English and Afrikaans classes during his walkabout and spoke to some of the pupils.

The Afrikaans classes are predominately made up of white pupils while children of colour are in the English classes.

The school's principal has emphasised that this is the main reason for the racial differences and that the institution is not racist.

One teacher has also denied that any of the pupils were moved to different classes to suit the MEC's visit.

Lesufi is due to comment on his meeting with the principal later this morning.