UPDATE: Shooting at Bedford Centre

Gunmen reportedly stormed into the centre and fired several shots shortly before midday.

A man injured during a shooting at the Bedford Centre in Bedfordview on 29 January 2015. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - There's been a shooting at the Bedford Centre in Bedfordview, east of Johannesburg.

Frightened eyewitnesses described scenes of panic and chaos as gunmen stormed into the Bedford Centre and fired several shots shortly before midday.

According to witnesses at least three men armed with Ak47s tried to rob the Standard Bank on the upper floor of the mall.

Police have confirmed that seven people, including two suspects, have been wounded.

Bedford Centre management confirms the incident involved a shoot-out between security company SBV and robbers.

"An official statement will be released as soon as we have info from police," the centre said in a statement.

The crime scene has been cordoned off and police are combing the area for evidence.

One witness describes what he saw.

"As I came out of the toilet I just saw people firing guns. A lady came past me and she was shot in the crossfire. Three people were shot. I think it was a robbery."

Earlier a woman said she hid under a flight of stairs.

"They have shot people. There's a huge gang. I don't know what they robbed but there's one still inside here. There are still gun shots going off. It's chaos."

On arrival of Eyewitness News reporters, a wounded man was being carried out of the shopping centre.

There's a hive of activity outside the second floor of the centre.

Earlier many shoppers were still hiding out in the store until police gave the green light.

Outside entrance three, police were stopping vehicles leaving the centre as they secured the scene and checked if anyone leaving was armed.

At the banking hall of the shopping centre, trails of blood laced the floor strewn with bullet casings.