Ferreira family wants former MEC held accountable

Humphrey Mmemezi’s driver crashed into teenager Thomas Ferreira in 2011.

FILE: Thomas Ferreira's parents Paul and Priscilla outside court on Wednesday 28 January 2015. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The family of teenager Thomas Ferreira, who was knocked off his bike by a blue light brigade driver three years ago, wants then MEC Humphrey Mmemezi held accountable.

The Krugersdorp Magistrates Court on Wednesday sentenced driver Joseph Motsamai Semitjie to five years in jail after he jumped a red traffic light and crashed into Ferreira when he was in matric in 2011.

The teenager sustained permanent brain damage.

Ferreira's father Paul says he knows no sentence will ever change his child's situation, but adds he hopes this sentence serves as a stern warning to other blue light brigade drivers.

Mmemezi was in the car at the time of the accident and the family feels he should also take responsibility.

"In some way, yes, the MEC should also be held accountable. If the driver was doing this under his instruction, why did he get away with it? He wasn't even summoned to court or anything."

Magistrate Abdul Khan on Wednesday said Semitjie showed no remorse and continued to blame Ferreira for the accident.

The court has ruled that after 10 months, Semitjie can apply for correctional supervision.