Table Bay Boulevard to be renamed

ANC officials were excluded from the process following a chaotic Cape Town city council meeting.

ANC councillors clash with police during a heated council meeting in Cape Town. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A proposal to rename Table Bay Boulevard has been approved during a chaotic Cape Town city council meeting.

African National Congress (ANC) officials were, however, excluded from the process.

The trouble started when the ANC and Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors clashed over a contentious item on the agenda - the demolition of houses.

A decision was taken to move the meeting to a second venue after ANC councillors started banging their hands on the desks.

Scuffles then broke out when ANC members tried to enter the new venue that they had been locked out of.

This was the first full council meeting of 2015.

Inside a hall on the second floor of the civic centre, a group of councillors mainly from the Democratic Alliance, rubber-stamped the outstanding items on the agenda.

Mayoral committee member Brett Herron says the renaming of Table Bay Boulevard in honour of former president FW de Klerk was one of the approved proposals.

"Council considered all of the items on the agenda and the renaming proposal has been approved."

The ANC was deeply opposed to the renaming because the party didn't want apartheid's last leader to be honoured in this way.

African Christian Democratic Party councillor Grant Haskin described the situation as a farce.

"All the items were rushed with no debate by the DA members."

The meeting was adjourned after all of the items were approved.

City of Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille earlier defended the renaming process.

Video: Cape Town council meeting chaos.