ANC locked out of CT council meeting

The trouble started when ANC and DA councillors clashed over the demolition of houses for a project.

ANC councillors still locked out of council. Some are shouting ‘this is racism by the DA in the WC’. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town's first full council meeting of 2015 descended into chaos with ANC councillors being locked out.

ANC councillors tried several times to push their way into the venue but were stopped by officers and doors slamming in their faces.

The trouble started when the ruling party and Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors clashed over a contentious item on the agenda - the demolition of houses.

Party members then started banging on their desks and a decision was taken to move to another venue.

ANC councillors were then locked out of the second venue.

Officials clashed on whether to rubberstamp the demolition of houses for the MyCiTi bus project.

One woman was seen trying to push her way into the hall but was prevented from doing so by security.

Frustrated ANC members voiced their frustrations outside the venue.

The City of Cape Town's JP Smith said he tried to get as many councillors into the new venue as possible.

Officials confirmed they needed 106 members present and only a handful of people were not there.

A proposal to rename Table Bay Boulevard after former president FW de Klerk has yet to be decided by council.

It's one of the contentious issues on the agenda.

City of Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille earlier defended the renaming process.

Video: Cape Town council meeting chaos.