Group selfies could lead to the spread of lice

Selfie takers are advised when snapping away with friends not to put their heads too close together.

FILE: Ellen DeGeneres took a 'selfie' with other Hollywood celebrities who attended the Oscar awards on 2 March 2014. Picture: Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - You may have thought the biggest hazard of a group selfie is social awkwardness but experts have warned of an unexpected and more annoying danger.

The practice of taking self or group portraits with a cellphone camera is a growing trend worldwide.

The pictures are often posted on social media platforms, where the involved celebrities may make it into the mainstream media.

But now, health experts have warned of a new danger, lice.

A pharmacist has warned physical contact in group photos may lead to an increase in the spread of head lice.

"If a person is infected with lice, this is when it becomes so easy for the lice to crawl from one head to the other."

She's advised selfie takers to therefore be mindful when snapping away with friends and not to put their heads too close together.