Police keep a close eye on Langlaagte after overnight violence

Two people were killed last night allegedly by a foreign shop owner.

Police continue to seize stolen goods from a spaza shop in Langlaagte on 26 January, 2015. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police say they will continue monitoring the Langlaagte area, where two people were killed last night following looting in the informal settlement.

A spaza shop owned by a foreign national was set alight and a factory next door was looted.

Dozens of police officers raided shacks in the area and seized looted goods, many of the items with their price tags still attached.

Bags of maize, chips and crates of cool drinks were found hidden under beds, inside plastic containers and hidden in blankets.

It's understood the businessman opened fire, allegedly killing two community members, before fleeing the scene.

Police discovered the bodies of the two South African men with gunshot wounds late last night.

Residents have expressed anger following last night's fatal shooting.

A man says the foreign shop owner started shooting, saying he'd been robbed.

"I asked him 'why did you kill my brother? there is blood lying there,' when I came nearby, he shot at me also."

Residents say they had a good relationship with the shop owner in the past and supported his business but after he killed two people, they don't want him to return.

There's nothing left inside the spaza shop, just a fridge that's been thrown out and most of the goods in the store are burnt.

Blood can still be seen on the street outside the spaza shop.

Police are investigating a case of arson and murder.

Dozens of police officers have now moved in and have found stolen goods from the spaza shop, with the price tags still attached hidden in shacks.

Police are transporting the goods back to the Langlaagte Police Station, where it's believed the foreign shop owner is being held.

Tensions have been running high since the murder of a 14-year-old boy in Doornkop last Monday, which sparked looting on foreign-owned businesses in Soweto and beyond.

So far, six people have died in the unrest and 178 people have been arrested.

At the same time, Gauteng police say xenophobic looting spread overnight to Alexandra.

The situation in Soweto and Kagiso remains calm and of the 178 people who've been arrested since last week, 90 of them are expected to appear in court today.

In the meantime, police are monitoring a number of flashpoints in Johannesburg following a fresh outbreak of violence.

The police's Solomon Makgale says, "It did appear that this is part of the ongoing looting that we have seen throughout this week, but what we can say that the situation remains relatively calm."