Louca: Krejcir shot Lolly Jackson

George Louca is accused of murdering Lolly Jackson but says it’s the Czech fugitive who pulled the trigger.

George Louca in the Kempton Park magistrates court. Picture:Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNNESBURG - George Louca, the man who stands accused of murdering Lolly Jackson, now says it's Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir who pulled the trigger killing the Teazers boss.

Louca was extradited from Cyprus last year to stand trial for the 2010 murder. He fled the country after Jackson was shot.

He has now signed an affidavit divulging details about what he says happened at his rented Edleen house.

Louca has ended the speculation about whether he would come clean about Jackson's murder.

In a lengthy sworn statement, signed in November last year, he names Krejcir as the trigger man who killed the Teazers boss.

Louca's lawyer Owen Bloomberg says, "I can confirm that my client has made a statement in relation to the events of the afternoon of 3 May 2010. But that is all I am prepared to say at this particular point in time."

The Cypriot is due to go on trial for the murder on Monday.

Curiously, the Hawks investigators handling the case say they don't know anything about the statement and they still intend using Krejcir as a state witness against Louca.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) also says it's not entering into any deal with Louca.

Krejcir's lawyer Piet du Plessis says he won't respond to Louca's allegation.