Soweto pupils warned not to participate in looting

Parents are being called on to assist in barring pupils from taking part in looting foreign-owned shops.

Foreign owned shops were closed on Friday morning after wide spread looting that lasted through Thursday night. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng Education Department has appealed to parents to assist them in stopping pupils from participating in the looting of shops in Soweto.

School principals have also been ordered to intervene, by holding assemblies and speaking to learners.

Fourteen- year-old Mthetheleli Siphiwe Mahori was shot and killed in Snake Park, Doornkop on Monday, allegedly by a foreign businessman, who had accused Mahori and his friends of trying to rob his store.

Siphiwe Mahori who was shot and killed in Snake Park, Soweto on 19 January 2015. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN.

So far, Three people have been killed , including the teenager and more than 160 people are in police custody.

The violence has also spread to other parts of Soweto and areas outside of the township.

The department's Nanagolo Leopeng says, "We're also appealing to parents to assist us in making sure that they talk to our learners to refrain by all means in all this illegal activity. We are aware that a lot of them too part after school."

A woman in Rockville was also injured when she was run over by a speeding car, apparently driven by angry looters.

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Meanwhile, Mahori's mother, Nombuyiselo Nhlane, says she's happy to see Soweto residents standing up for her son.

While it's reported the teenager was robbing the store, Nhlane says her son had only left home because she had sent him to buy a soft drink.

"In that moment I felt so bad when the two boys came here to tell me that my child was shot. When I got there I found my son lying on the floor there."

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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela says she's concerned the images of looting in Gauteng will have a negative impact on foreign investors.

Madikizela-Mandela paid a visit to the family of Hendrick Manye on Friday afternoon, after he was killed in crossfire in Swaneville on the West Rand on Thursday night.

Madikizela-Mandela says this is not good for South Africa.

"These images of what has happened right now are not doing our country very good and what is also very hurtful is the fact that this is all about food."