Basson permitted to launch recusal application

The judge gave Basson 10 days to launch his application for the recusal of two HPCSA members.

FILE: South African former apartheid regime Chemical and Biological warfare expert, dubbed "Dr Death", Dr Wouter Basson. Picture: AFP.

PRETORIA - The High Court in Pretoria has granted Wouter Basson permission to launch an application to have members of his Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) disciplinary committee recuse themselves.

Sentencing procedures, which started briefly on Monday, came to a halt when the cardiologist and his legal team stormed out of the venue, alleging bias on the part of two officials.

Last year, the HPCSA found Basson guilty of misconduct for his role in an apartheid-era chemical warfare programme.

Judge Bert Bam has given Basson 10 days to launch his application for the recusal of two HPCSA disciplinary committee members.

The court order has brought a halt to sentencing proceedings, pending this application.

Basson alleges that professors Jannie Hugo and Roland Mhlanga are biased, because they supported a petition by the South African Medical Association calling for him to be struck from the roll.

The pair however stated in court papers that while they're members of the association, that they had no part in the signing of the petition.

Last year, the council found that Basson's breach of medical ethics during a chemical warfare programme in the 1980s made him guilty of unprofessional conduct.