39 arrested after Soweto looting spree

Residents in Doornkop looted foreign-owned shops on Monday after a boy (14) was shot & killed.

Police were deployed to Snake Park, Doornkop where foreign-owned shops were looted by angry residents on 20 January 2015. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Thirty-nine people have now been arrested in Soweto in connection with the looting and violence which began in Doornkop earlier this week.

Twenty-nine of those were arrested on Wednesday night for looting shops owned by foreign nationals.

The violence started on Monday, after a business owner shot and killed a 14-year-old boy, who had apparently robbed his store.

The businessman has since been arrested and faces court action soon.

The unrest however has since spread to other parts of the township such as Emdeni, Zola and Protea Glen.

Foreign shop owners in Soweto say they don't know why

they're being targeted as they are merely trying to make an honest living for their families.


An Ethiopian shop owner in Zola told Eyewitness News about his devastation after residents vandalised his store and helped themselves to his goods.

He says no human being deserves to be treated in such a heartless manner.

"We're not animals. We are human beings who help each other. I don't know why they're doing this to us. They're robbing us, so I don't earn anything."

He's told Eyewitness News he feared for his life as he listened to residents break down his wall.

Many shop owners in the area say although the businesses were their only source of income, they'll not be returning to the township.