First On EWN: Top Gauteng cop arrested

Head of Gauteng's firearm licences division, Colonel Chris Prinsloo, was arrested & appeared in court.

Head of Gauteng's firearm licence division, Chris Prinsloo, was arrested & appeared in court. Picture: SAPS

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News can this morning reveal a police colonel with 35 years' service and who was in charge of Gauteng's firearms licences has been arrested.

The senior policeman was arrested by a special task team from the Western Cape on Friday and appeared in court this week.

While he's now out on bail he faces being suspended while his trial runs its course.

The colonel's arrest forms part of a deeper investigation that's been running for over a year.

"It is with a great sense of disappointment that we confirm the arrest of Chris Prinsloo."

The police's Solomon Makgale has confirmed to Eyewitness News the arrest relates to the discovery of 750 rounds of ammunition at the senior officer's house.

"The investigation started more than a year ago in the Western Cape and is continuing."

It's understood the wider investigation relates to police officers selling firearms, ammunition and gun licences to criminal gangs operating primarily in the Western Cape.

But there's no confirmation from the police whether there's any evidence that Prinsloo is in any way linked to this.

"He was somebody that we relied on. He was very knowledgeable about firearm legislation and issues relating to firearms in general."

Police say further arrests are expected.


Meanwhile, National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega has expressed disappointment at Prinsloo's arrest, but has congratulated the team involved in the operation.

Makgale says, "General Phiyega is very pleased with the progress that the investigation team has made and she congratulated them on a job well done."