HSF hopeful for Dramat to return to work

The HSF is demanding the Hawks boss be reinstated after being placed on precautionary suspension.

Hawks boss Anwa Dramat. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) says it's hopeful Anwa Dramat will return to his position as head of the Hawks by the end of this week, when the High Court rules on its legal challenge.

The foundation has taken Police Minister Nathi Nhleko to court, arguing that his decision to suspend Dramat was illegal and unconstitutional.

But Nhleko's lawyers have hit back saying last year's constitutional order has been misinterpreted.

HSF Director Francis Antonie says if the court rules in their favour, the Hawks acting head should be immediately removed.

"If the minister's action is unlawful then all the effects of that unlawfulness must be addressed and quite simply, General Dramat will have to be reinstated. We don't appeal for him to be reinstated, we say it's a consequence."

Dramat was suspended for his alleged role in the illegal renditions of four Zimbabwean nationals in 2010.


Meanwhile, the Police Ministry says there is no witch-hunt happening at the Hawks and it believes its lawyers presented adequate reasons why Dramat's suspension is lawful.

The Ministry's Musa Zondi on Monday said the case was clearly stated in court and he feels the state lawyers covered all their bases.

Zondi wouldn't say whether a deal would be struck between the minister and Dramat in a scheduled meeting, but said there was a possibility.

"Anything is possible. The minister has an open mind."

He also maintained that Dramat's suspension is not politically motivated and that the minister's only objective is to investigate the illegal rendition case.