Crime Intelligence fraudsters' trial postponed

Solly Lazarus and Hein Barnard are accused of defrauding a secret slush fund of more than R300,000.

FILE: Solly Lazarus & Hein Barnard are accused of fraud worth more than R300,000. Picture: Gadeeja Abbas/EWN.

PRETORIA - The fraud trial against former chief financial officer of Crime Intelligence Solly Lazarus, that was scheduled to start today, has been delayed yet again.

The matter was postponed in the Pretoria Magistrates Court because the defence requested further documents from the state.

Lazarus, who has since been fired from the police service, and co-accused Hein Barnard are accused of fraud worth more than R300,000.

Lazarus and Barnard are currently out on bail.

At one point during the investigation in 2013, the state asked the court to prohibit Lazarus from speaking to any politician or Cabinet minister which hinted at the level of corruption being investigated.

Lazarus and Barnard's advocate Estelle Kilian told the court they want the state to disclose an audit of the company allegedly used as a front by crime intelligence.

It's through this entity that the pair is accused of channelling funds, ultimately used to buy cars and other luxuries.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the court that he did not intend referring to that report in his case but conceded that it would be handed over to the defence.

Nel added that all other related documentation and statements related to the matter have to be disclosed.

The case resumes next month.