Confusion surrounds closure of JHB pre-school

Paying parents have been left in the lurch after a Bryanston pre-school suddenly changed ownership.

Paying parents have been left in the lurch after a Bryanston pre-school suddenly changed ownership. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - There's been confusion surrounding the operation of a Bryanston pre-school, which changed ownership suddenly this year, leaving paying parents in the lurch.

The Ashfield School had been taking registration fees since last year for pre-schoolers meant to start this month.

But when parents arrived at the school, they discovered it's now called Sandton Junior School and is under new management.

Much to a parents disappointment, the school where she registered her child no longer exists and she wasn't informed.

"The signs are all different. It's a whole new ownership."

According to an email sent to the parent, which is in Eyewitness News 's possession, the school closed following a High Court interdict and Sandton Junior has taken over the lease.

The property owner says Ashfield had owed rent for several months and that lease has now been cancelled.

But the property owner, who has 17 years of teaching experience, says she has reopened the school.

"We've got quite a lot of spaces available in good faith to what the previous owner had done. Any children that had registered here are welcome to come and register now with me and I'll waver that registration fee."

Meanwhile, residents in the area have raised concerns about the zoning and the construction of the school, which was a apparently done without any building plans.

They say the school is operating illegally because it's only zoned as a daycare centre, not a pre-primary school.

A woman who owns a house across the road says, "The property has been rezoned to a daycare centre. A whole lot of planning approvals were not in place, including title deed restrictions and the residents intend fighting this matter all the way to the Constitutional Court if necessary."

The owners of the school say they're looking into the zoning and are consulting the town planner.