Afrikaans singer faces Equality Court in hate speech case

The SAHRC is taking action against Sunette Bridges for alleged hate speech commentary on her Facebook page.

Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges. Picture: Sunette Bridges Facebook News page

CAPE TOWN - The Equality Court in Cape Town is expected to hear a hate speech case against Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is taking action against Bridges after accusing her of hosting commentary that amounts to hate speech on her Facebook page.

Bridges describes herself on her website as a mother of five, Afrikaner, artist, writer and a 'concerned citizen of the once prosperous country called South Africa'.

She's been outspoken in her views and the SAHRC has taken issue with some of them.

The commission says its received numerous complaints over alleged hate speech on her Facebook page.

It will argue that Bridges has violated sections of the Equality Act which relate to hate speech.