Torrential rains continue in Malawi

Relief group Gift of the Givers are appealing for donations to assist around 17,000 displaced people.

Malawian Youth Movement for Development members hand over blankets and first necessity goods to Malawian people homeless and displaced due to heavy rains and massive floods of the last days on 15 January 2015. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Torrential rains continue to hit Malawi as relief aid group the Gift of the Givers is working to provide relief to over 17, 000 displaced people.

Described as the worst flooding disaster in the history of the country, the rising waters have killed more than 50 people and destroyed the homes of thousands more.

At least 48 people have been killed and 70,000 forced to flee their homes by heavy flooding in Malawi. #MalawiFloods"

The floods have also destroyed food security in 10 of Malawi's districts as the majority of the crops planted by subsistence farmers are under water.

Gift of the Givers's Gaffer Jakhura who's stationed in Malawi has appealed for donations.

"We are targeting those badly affected areas. Of those 70,000, we are trying to get to at least 10,000 by providing them with immediate relief items such as food, blankets and sheeting."

Brothers salvage their bed as huge #MalawiFloods lead to emergency declaration @worldvision is responding

Meanwhile, at least 34 people have died in severe flooding in Mozambique.

Thousands more have been displaced since heavy torrential rains started lashing the country this week.

The South African National Defence Force has sent a team of divers, air force personnel and medical officials to help with relief efforts.