Minstrel Carnival set to go ahead tomorrow

After a series of postponements and rows, the carnival looks set to go ahead.

The Cape Town minstrels arriving at the stadium ahead of the ANC 103 birthday celebration on 10 January 2015. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - After several postponements, rows over funding and political mudslinging the Minstrel Carnival looks set to finally go ahead tomorrow.

The organising commitee was issued with an events permit by the City of Cape Town yesterday. This follows a number of false starts.

The committee's Kevin Momberg says all outstanding issues have been ironed out.

"I've got the permit, we were just issued the permit. It's says we have complied and done everything. There was no issue with paying the supplier. Be that as it may, we've got the permit."

The City of Cape Town on Wednesday warned if the Minstrel Carnival doesn't go ahead as scheduled, it will take steps to reclaim the money it's put towards the event.

The municipality was concerned as the organising committee hadn't yet paid some service providers.

The city's Zara Nicholson said, "The city has been informed that the Cape Cultural Carnival Committee has not yet paid their service providers who deliver crucial services for the parade to take place. At this stage it is of great concern to the city given that the parade is set to take place on Saturday."

But Momberg assured they were working around the clock to sort out these issues.

"There's still outstanding fencing we need to pay, and the toilets. Although we've paid up front more than 50 percent, they're demanding we pay upfront. It isn't normal business practice."