Independent's news boss to respond to Du Preez soon

Professor Anton Harber says it appears Max du Preez hasn’t been treated properly.

Independent Group Executive Editor Karima Brown. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Independent Newspapers Executive Editor Karima Brown says she will respond to prominent columnist Max du Preez's resignation letter at the weekend.

Yesterday du Preez resigned from the newspaper group after it apologised for a scathing column he wrote about the Presidency.

Journalism Professor Anton Harber says it appears du Preez hasn't been treated properly.

"To run an apology without his agreement and without working through it with him in circumstance that he described is really just very very shabby and unprofessional."

The resignation of the veteran journalist is being called the end of an era.

Du Preez says he no longer wants to be associated with the group.

He maintains his claim that a judge said Zuma was in a corrupt relationship with Schabir Shaik.

In an angry resignation letter to the editor, du Preez says he would be betraying his own past if he stays on at the group.

He also said the group apologised to the Presidency despite knowing he believes his facts are correct.

Gill Moodie, Media Editor at Grubstreet website, said if du Preez's claims are true and he was never consulted on the apology, to her it's not even a question of decency but a news call.

Du Preez also said media transformation is not about replacing critical voices with African National Congress cadres, but about trying to make government more accountable.

Click here to read Du Preez's letter.