New Charlie Hebdo edition being sold for thousands of pounds

It is not known how serious the offers are or if the vendors actually possessed the copies.

A woman displays the latest edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo shortly after it went on sale on January 14, 2015 in Marseille. The first issue of the magazine to be published since a jihadist attack decimated its editorial staff last week was sold out within minutes at kiosks across France. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Ebay, the online selling and auction site has seen a surge in vendor's pricing for the new Charlie Hebdo edition as items are being listed at way more than the magazine's cover price of three euros.

Some of the highest prices listed for the cover range from, £4,400.00 (R 76,827) to £ 11,508.42 (R202,936) for immediate purchase.

It is not known how serious the offers are or if the vendors actually possessed the copies.

Paris-based media watchdog group Reporters without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres) has expressed anger at this apparent spate of opportunism.

Its director, Christophe Deloire has called what is happening on eBay "absolutely indecent".

"People abroad have tried to trademark the phrase 'Je Suis Charlie'. There is a sort of parallel trade being organised that is totally reprehensible, lamentable, and indecent."

Meanwhile, other _Charlie Hebdo _paraphernalia is being auctioned on the site including coffee mugs that feature that magazine's latest cartoon depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. In comparison to the covers, the mugs seem to be at a steady price of £5.99 (R104.461)

The magazine's first 700,000 copies of the " survivors' edition" after last week's deadly attacks sold out across France in just a couple of hours on after its release on Wednesday, and a print run initially set for three million, has had to increase its production and is now on course to selling five million copies.