JHB mother fights for daughter's post-mortem report

Christa Tewitz says she was ignored when alerting doctors to her daughter’s breathing problem.

 Mother Christa Tewitz says she believes it was hospital negligence that killed her daughter Annamarie Tewitz. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Management at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital says it will not release the results of the post-mortem of a 7-year-old girl who died there. But an investigation is underway.

Annamarie Tewitz died from a collapsed lung on Saturday.

Her mother, Christa Tewitz, says she believes negligence by hospital staff led to her daughter's death.

Tewitz is taking legal action to obtain her daughter's medical records.

Management will not reveal her post-mortem results due to doctor-patient confidentiality.

The head of neurosurgery, Dr John Omar, says while the hospital is investigating the claims of negligence, he denies any wrongdoing.

"We assure all concerned we have actively taken the utmost care and vigilance; there was never any question of negligence."

Family spokesperson Sharon O'Neil says x-rays showed excess fluid on Annamarie's lungs went untreated for ten days.

"I even said to the doctor have you guys checked the lungs because there's something wrong with her breathing."

Earlier this week, Christa Tewitz said she had to fight with surgeons to treat her daughter's obvious lung problem, adding Annamarie stopped breathing before they attended to her.