Eskom: Two generators not working

The company says load shedding will be implemented on an almost daily basis if a third generator cuts out.

FILE: Eskom says two of its generators have stopped working placing the country at high risk of load shedding. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Two generators have stopped working placing South Africa at high risk for load shedding, Eskom confirmed on Wednesday.

The electricity giant warns demand for power is sharply rising and if another generator cuts out, load shedding could be implemented on an almost daily basis.

Eskom managed to keep the lights on throughout the festive season.

But the parastatal says the power grid is once again under pressure due to the reopening of businesses around the country.

The company says generators should be back online tonight after extensive maintenance work.

Eskom was forced to implement stage three load shedding at the end of last year after a coal silo at the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga collapsed.

More than two-thirds of the utility's generators operate with aging equipment and a lack of maintenance is understood to be the cause of the severe constraints.

Eskom spokesperson Kulu Pasiwe said, "Our technicians are working on them [the generators].

"The system is constrained and we are appealing to all customers to reduce their loads. If you leave the house or the office, switch off lights and air conditioners. Only put them on when you come back."

The power giant on Tuesday confirmed that one unit at the Medupi power station will go live in mid-2015 despite a missed December deadline.

Spokesperson Andrew Etzinger said construction of unit six at Medupi was complete but the parastatal was now conducting a complex cleaning procedure, which was taking longer than anticipated.