De Lille: No guarantee Kaapse Klopse will go ahead

This year's event has been postponed a number of times, partly due to logistical issues.

FILE: Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says there is no guarantee the annual Cape Minstrel parade will go ahead on 10 January.

This year's event has been postponed twice, partly due to logistics.

The Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade is traditionally held on 2 January in Cape Town's CBD but was put off to 5 January last month as it coincided with a significant day on the Islamic calendar.

De Lille says organisers will have to apply for permission to host the event this weekend.

"It's not just for the city to make the final decision, you have to get permission from the South African police Service, you have to get it from the commercial sector and the whole range of stakeholders who are involved in this event."

At the same time, the Cape Cultural and Carnival Committee's Kevin Momberg says everything's in place for this coming Saturday.

"We discussed it with everybody and then they suggested Saturday 10 January because then everything becomes easier to do, for instance, Golden Arrow buses will be ready with drivers."

Earlier, Momberg said transport issues were one of the main reasons why the event had been moved.

"Some of our teams won't be able to attend because of the bus prices and they said most of their members are working so they also didn't want to come to Cape Town with a small component of their teams."

The committee was given R2 million by the city to fund its initiatives, in addition to the city providing services valued at R1.6 million on event days.

The African National Congress will also be holding its big birthday bash at Cape Town stadium on Saturday which could also pose some problems for the carnival.