Dipuo Peters: Road fatality numbers still too high

The transport minister says 677 people have lost their lives in 539 accidents in the past few weeks.

FILE: A rollover accident on Inanda Road in Waterfall has left one person dead and two people injured on 22 December 2014. Picture: Netcare via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Transport Minister Dipuo Peters says road fatalities around the country have declined by 35 percent, compared to the same period last year but she adds the numbers are still too high.

Peters says 677 people have lost their lives in the past few weeks from 539 accidents.

She has called on motorist to be more responsible on the roads.

Peters says most of the fatal accidents happen close to motorist's destination.

"When people think that we are just almost at home that is the time you have the bulk of the people having fatigue. You would rather arrive late than the late so and so."

She says reckless and negligent driving as well as drunk driver are still the main contributors to accidents.