'The power situation could change at any time'

Eskom says while the power grid remains stable for now, it is working on ageing infrastructure.

Power lines running to a coal power station near Johannesburg. Picture: EPA.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has confirmed that all its generators which were offline for maintenance have been reinstalled.

The utility says if the grid remains stable, the lights will stay on this week without interruptions.

Spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe says the generators will lighten the load, but he cautioned that the power grid is working on ageing infrastructure and that means the situation could change at any time.

"The power grid is relatively stable and as a result the risk of load shedding is low. Our prognosis is that this will continue for the rest of this week. What we've been saying all along is that we have a very old power grid, which is vulnerable."

Eskom has called on customers to switch off all electrical appliances before they go on holiday.

Last month the parastatal's Chief Executive Officer, Tshediso Matona, warned South Africans that load shedding could become a reality for the next few months in order to stabilise the power system.

The utility has battled to keep the grid stable since a coal silo collapsed at the Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga last month.

Last week government announced it would design and launch a procurement process to build 9,600 megawatts of nuclear power plants.

Government said it's planning to add the megawatts of nuclear power capacity to the national grid, equal to nearly a quarter of the current capacity.