Open mosque to host Christmas lunch

The event aims to improve relations between Christians and Muslims in Cape Town.

Outside the Open mosque in Cape Town. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The owner of Cape Town's first Open Mosque has invited Christians to a special Christmas lunch at his Wynberg place of worship.

The event, which takes place on Sunday, aims to unite and improve relations between Christians and Muslims.

The mosque opened earlier this year following widespread criticism.

It welcomes gay people, Muslims, as well as non-Muslims and also allows women to lead prayers.

Mosque founder Taj Hargey says everyone is welcome.

"We'll have Muslim volunteers. We'll start preparing the food for Christians to come enjoy inside the mosque. We're proud to be the first mosque to do this."

The mosque says it will not close its doors and will continue operating.

Hargey says his establishment adheres to the tenets of Islam and the South African Constitution.