Malema booed by Gauteng EFF

The Gauteng EFF has revolted against apparent slate nominations during the party's National People's Assembly.

Julius Malema's opening address at EFF assembly. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has revolted against apparent slate nominations during the party's National People's Assembly, with a sitting Member of Parliament saying it would be safer for everyone if she doesn't stand.

Chaos broke out at the EFF's National People's Assembly where the Gauteng and Northern Cape delegations have just walked out and fighters have started burning a list of names of preferred candidates.

They claim EFF leader Julius Malema is trying to whitewash the election of 35 additional members of the central command team.

Some members say they might as well go back to African National Congress and added that Malema has sold out the revolution.

Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala represents the EFF in the National Assembly but after what appears to have been a session of chaotic lobbying, she declined to serve on its central command.

A list of preferred leaders was then exposed by another delegate.

While other provinces have sat quietly, the Gauteng fighters have jeered and booed EFF leader Julius Malema.

This started after a list of preferred candidates under the title 'Finalised and Endorsed Leaders' was circulated on the plenary floor.

Malema then took to the podium and warned other provinces that they are encouraging anarchists.

The next leader to decline was Andile Mngxitama who called on the EFF leader to protect the organisation.

He also said his revolutionary consciousness would not allow him to take up the post.

The electoral officer has struggled to maintain order and some of the Gauteng members have now threatened to walk out.


Earlier delegates heard that the party's survival depends on its ability to enforce discipline with maturity and push egos aside when dealing with dissent.

In what appeared to be a position inspired by Malema's controversial exit from the ANC Youth League, the organisational report recommended discipline as a corrective measure rather than punitive punishment.

EFF central command member Sam Matiase says without organisational discipline, the party will be hijacked by self-serving members.

"We should have collective principles of fraternal discipline, just like in the Bible."

Matiase further warned against older members using their age to impose ideas on younger people.

Video: Malema's opening address.