United Front blames ANC for poverty, inequality

The United Front has called on Cosatu to break away from the ruling party.

FILE: The United Front adopted its declaration at the weekend during Numsa's people's assembly. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The United Front has blamed the African National Congress (ANC) for inequality and poverty in South Africa and has called for the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) to break away from the ruling party.

The political movement adopted its declaration at the weekend in an assembly convened by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) in Kempton Park.

The assembly of gathered workers unions and civic organisations also elected an interim committee, which includes former African National Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Ronnie Kasrils, who will oversee the official launch of the movement in April.

The United Front says the ANC has left a trail of inequality and that Cosatu, which it says is in intensive care, must leave the Tripartite Alliance.

The umbrella body made strong claims against the ANC, saying the majority party is obsessed with a capitalist system which places profit margins above the living conditions of the poor.

United Front member and academic Noor Nieftagodien says they will build campaigns on issues affecting the poor, women and children.

"The ANC government has become an enabler of white monopoly capital and the junior Black Economic Empowerment."

United Front officials say the movement will begin challenging the ANC government before its launch next year.

Numsa was voted out of Cosatu in October by 33 votes to 24 and the decision has since exposed the rift between rival affiliates.

Eight of Numsa's allies in Cosatu subsequently refused to take part in the federation's meetings and have warned that if the metalworkers do not return to the fold, a mass walkout is on the cards.