EFF: Government is incapable of doing its job

Julius Malema says the ruling party and its leader are corrupt and cannot deliver basic services.

The EFF leadership at the top table. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN

BLOEMFONTEIN - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says government is incapable of doing its job.

Two thousand delegates from across the country have converged on the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein for the party's inaugural national people's assembly.

Delegates will elect leaders and formulate new policies as well as review their first seven months in Parliament.

He says government, led by President Jacob Zuma, is riddled with corruption and cannot deliver basic services.

Malema warned that the country will degenerate into chaos if the ANC continues to govern.

"We are in a crisis, because judges have now been corrupted in a corrupt system, protecting corrupt politicians. We are in a crisis because public entities are subjected to mediocre managers who are appointed on the basis of their proximity to their sitting president."

The EFF's national people's assembly began with the party's leadership receiving a rousing welcome from more than 2,000 delegates in attendance.

Delegates sang songs mocking President Jacob Zuma and chanted for free education and land expropriation.

Among the guests in attendance are international organisations in solidarity with Palestine and other leftist groups.

At the same time, the party has denied it has a lack of leadership depth and says its inaugural national people's assembly will reveal its governing capacity.

The EFF's current leadership has commanded respect among their delegates and met late into the night yesterday to ensure the assembly concludes without controversy.

Party spokesperson Mbuyiuseni Ndlozi said it is insulting to insinuate the EFF does not have a depth of leadership as their policy ideas are clear.

Meanwhile, reports suggest disgruntled EFF members who were kicked out of the party may try to disrupt today's proceedings.

The red berets have issued a firm warning and employed security guards in riot gear for any eventuality.