SAHRC happy with ‘blackface’ outcome

The commission says the decision was reached after a mediation process.

Two TUKS students are facing discliplinary action after pictures of them dressed up with black faces emerged on Facebook. Picture: Supplied to EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Two students kicked out of a University of Pretoria residence for the "blackface" incident will be allowed to return to campus next year, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said on Friday.

The commission said the decision was reached after mediation.

SAHRC's Dan Titus said, "The commission is very pleased that we could mediate a successful outcome in this matter. We have an apology from the students both to the university and South African society, and the university accepted that."

A photograph of the pair, smeared with black paint wearing and wearing domestic worker outfits, went viral in August.

It sparked outrage around the country.

The SAHRC said during the mediation, both students apologised unconditionally.

They further explained they meant no harm through their actions.