UPDATE: No load shedding expected today

Eskom says the system has now been stablised & there’s no risk of rolling blackouts today.

Eskom says the system has now been stablised & there’s no risk of rolling blackouts today.  Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom says its system is now relatively stable and there's no risk of load shedding today.

The power utility says its back-up generators are now functioning properly.

Spokesman Khulu Phasiwe says the generators that malfunctioned have now come back online.

Phasiwe says the system remains at risk, but power cuts are not expected.

"The generating units which were taken out for service, some of them have returned, which is why we're having stability in the system. We also continue to build up our reserves for water and diesel."

Earlier this morning, Eskom said there would be a high risk of load shedding today and tomorrow as diesel supplies were running out.

The utility implemented rolling blackouts for three consecutive weekends and again on Monday due to several problems at existing power plants.

It warned that until more power generating stations are brought online, load shedding will become a reality for South Africans.

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Department says it's drawing up a plan to mitigate disruptions to its services amid rolling blackouts.

The department has been inundated with complaints about poor services as a result of load shedding.

Spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete says they're looking for a long-term solution.

"The interventions the minister has taken is that he's looking at getting possible generators for our head office so that when these disruptions happen, the effect is not as bad as it is right now."

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