Ex-arms deal advisor claims unfair persecution

Fana Hlongwane suggested he was being persecuted because he is black.

Former arms deal consultant and defence adviser Fana Hlongwane testified at the Seriti Commission of Inquiry on 11 December 2014. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Former arms deal consultant and defence advisor Fana Hlongwane on Thursday said he's being persecuted through corruption allegations because he is black.

He allegedly facilitated the transfer of R24 million to secure a deal for an arms company.

Hlongwane started giving evidence to the arms deal inquiry on Thursday.

President Jacob Zuma set up the Seriti Commission of Inquiry to investigate alleged corruption and fraud during the controversial multi-billion rand deal.

Hlongwane questioned why he was singled out when others were paid greater amounts of money for their services.

"I'm going to say because Hlongwane is black then there is an issue that blacks don't have the right to earn money. It is an issue for me. There are many other people with greater sums."

He denied any involvement in the decision-making process as well as paying or taking bribes.

Hlongwane added he was never appointed or requested by the minister of defence at the time to participate in processes.

He was excused from the commission without being cross-examined.