Twitter calls for Tshabalala's graduation photo

Tshabalala promised to produce evidence of her graduation in court.

SABC board chairperson Ellen Tshabalala. Picture: SABC.

JOHANNESBURG - Social media users on Twitter, have decided that since South African Broadcasting Corporation board chairperson Ellen Tshabalala claims she is not guilty of misrepresenting her qualifications, at the very least she should produce her graduation photos for the public to see.

Last week, Parliament's Communications Portfolio committee found Tshabalala did not have the BComm degree and post graduate diploma in labour relations from the University of South Africa (Unisa) she claimed to have and that she lied when she made a sworn statement saying her certificates were stolen when her home was burgled.

The committee has called for Tshabalala to be suspended until that happens early next year.

But Tshabalala denies she has misled anyone, saying there's an agenda against her.

Tshabalala said it was clear that the committee had already made up their minds before asking her about her qualifications or making sure she was available for the inquiry.

She said she had been battling to get her academic record for some time and the problem was with Unisa.

Tshabalala refused to produce pictures from her graduation nor any evidence that supported her version of events. She told journalists she would produce all of this in court.

Here are the some of the twitter reactions.

Here's my graduation photo.

RT: it got burned 😂 @justicemalala: " @og_papi: see my graduation pic 😃😂😃😂 #Looseroftheweek #Chairlady #SABC

Nice. Where's Ellen's?"

Since you lost the papers at least show us a photo

" @MotsekeM: dear Ellen tshabalala since you have lost your certificates,at least show us the graduation photo's."

Whoever broke into Ellen's house please bring back

Whoever broke into Ellen Tshabalala's house, plz bring bck her BCom degree n graduation pics.


Ellen Tshabalala says she's going to present her graduation pics in court. She probably thinks photoshop is yet to be discovered by masses.

Cadres who were in her class must vouch for her

The cadres who were either in my class or saw me at some graduation must never leave or forsake me. My Ellen moment may arrive unannounced.

Does anyone have a VHS machine?

Who has a video machine for Ellen's VHS graduation video?

Do Ellen's friends know about photoshop?

Guys, who are Ellen's friends? Do they know she's photoshopping them into graduation pictures?