Dead wild cat, possibly serval, spotted in Jhb CBD

The SPCA says a wound suggests the animal was either stabbed or run over by a car.

A dead wild cat was discovered on the streets of the Johannesburg CBD on 5 December 2014. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG -Confusion surrounds the discovery of a dead wild animal in the Johannesburg CBD, which was initially thought to have been a cheetah.

Johannesburg Metro Police were called out to Von Wielligh Street Johannesburg earlier this morning.

The police's Edna Mamonyane says they were first told the animal was a tiger then a cheetah, but in the end were not sure, and called in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

The organisation's Jolene Delport says, they are assuming that the animal is a serval for now, as it has all the characteristics of a serval, but can only confirm what the animal is once post-mortem results have been concluded.

Delport says a wound they discovered suggests the animal was either stabbed or run over by a car, but are waiting on the results of the post-mortem which will be finalised either on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Investigations are expected to confirm what the animal was, how and when it was killed, and why it was dumped on a busy city street.

Earlier this week a serval was spotted along the R21 Highway near Nellmapius Drive. It was believed to have a escaped from the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Pretoria.

It is unclear whether the serval found in Johannesburg is the same one but it is believed to be likely.