Eskom implements load shedding across South Africa

Eskom says stage two load shedding will be implemented from 4pm across the country.

Eskom has implemented stage two load shedding across the country. Picture: EPA.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has implemented stage two load shedding across the country.

The utility says load shedding is expected to take place from 4 to 9pm.

This comes after the country experienced a second consecutive weekend of rolling blackouts at the weekend.

Eskom has been battling with increased demand due to a shortage of diesel and water reserves for the gas turbines and water pumps as well as several problems at its Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga.

Last month, a coal silo at Majuba collapsed which led to rolling blackouts across the country.

The weekend blackouts were due to general upkeep measures at the Cahora-Bassa hydroelectric power station in Mozambique.

South Africa imports a portion of its electricity from the scheme

The power grid is under pressure once again because the gas turbines and pump storage facilities are operating at a maximum level due to limited generating capacity.

Spokesperson Andrew Etzinger says Eskom is following the load shedding schedule on its website.

"Unfortunately, it's necessary to implement load shedding from 4pm this afternoon due to the loss of additional generation off the system which has put us in a difficult situation."

The parastatal says it implemented stage two load shedding due to a depletion in its diesel reserves.

Etzinger says, "We depleted the diesel in the supply tanks and unfortunately, no fuel means no power coming out of the power stations and the loss of that capacity has put us in a deficit."

Click here to view the load shedding schedule.