Helen Zille: Conversations with myself?

Zille's Twitter posts confused a number of her followers who sought clarity on the matter.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Western Cape premier Helen Zille seems to have a rather divergent take on the social media platform Twitter and has taken to using it to help connect with herself.

After succeeding in her first attempt to post multiple pictures to the the social media site, it seems that Zille decided that it was also an opportune moment to ask herself a technical Twitter question.

@helenzille Why is only one of my pix on your RT?

Helen asked Helen, to which Helen asked Helen back in reply,

@helenzille Who knows?

This display also confused a number of her followers, who sought clarity on the matter by asking Zille questions of their own.


@helenzille Why are you talking to yourself, Helen?

Some may have thought that this was the start of Zille's own book project.

@helenzille conversations with yourself?

She tried to respond in her best broken Xhosa that she was going crazy.

@irCadillac Ndiphambena.

And that she indeed enjoy her own company.

@Potz The best compay:-)

The follower, whom she told she was going crazy, attempted an ageist jibe.

@helenzille It comes with age apparently ;)

Which Zille deflected by claiming to be a young grasshopper in the Twitter game.

@irCadillac Just when you're new to twitter and can't tell the difference between a "favourite" and a "tweet"

Aside, we know you're not new to Helen, remember your 2011 spat with Simphiwe Dana? Beause we do.

Another user couldn't restrain the tears of laughter it seems.

Helen beeeeen talking to herself 😂 😂 😂 " @helenzille: @helenzille Who knows?"

- Not So Fresh Prince (@Nce_D) December 4, 2014

To whom Zille imparted wisdom and extended an invitation.

@Nce_D It's the most invigorating conversation. You should try it.

He took the invitation as an opportunity to look for a post at the Democratic Alliance.

Will I then qualify for a leading position in the DA? 😂 " @helenzille: Nce_D It's the most invigorating conversation. You should try it."

  • Not So Fresh Prince (@Nce_D) December 4, 2014 Her spokesperson Michael Mpofu said, "Technology is a bit of a challenge sometimes. Bless her heart."