NPA satisfied with J Arthur Brown sentencing

It has not yet been confirmed where J Arthur Brown will serve his 15 year sentence.

FILE: Former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown is seen at the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town. Picture: Sapa.

CAPE TOWN - The National Prosecuting Authority confirmed late on Tuesday that J Arthur Brown had handed himself over to the Cape Town Central Police Station.

The former Fidentia boss and convicted fraudster handed himself over to police, but Correctional Services officials say it's unclear at this stage where he will serve his 15 year jail sentence.

The NPA's Nathi Mncube has welcomed his arrest and says the NPA is satisfied with the new sentence.

"So we're satisfied that he has now been arrested and that he should start serving his sentence today."

But Mncube can't confirm which prison he will be sent to serve out his 15 year sentence.

Last year, the Western Cape High Court found Brown guilty of two counts of fraud related to his handling of investments in connection with the Fidentia scandal.

On Monday, the Supreme Court of Appeal set aside what was regarded as a lenient sentence handed down by the Western Cape high court.

Brown was first arrested in 2007 in one of the biggest financial scandals to hit the country and originally faced 192 charges.

But he was eventually convicted on only two counts of fraud.

He was accused of using investors' funds for his personal gain and faced a raft of serious charges related to the theft of over R1 billion, mostly from the widows and orphans of mineworkers.

But he was convicted on only two counts of fraud for misrepresentations he made in handling investments for the Transport Education and Training Authority as well as during Fidentia's takeover of the Mantadia Asset Trust Company.

The Western Cape High Court gave him a suspended sentence and a fine.