Anni's brother: Dewani acquittal would be terrible development

Anish Hindocha says the family don't want to return to Sweden or the UK and feel they didn't get a fair trial.

FILE: Shrien Dewani leaves the Western Cape High Court on 29 October 2014. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Slain Swedish bride Anni Hindocha Dewani's brother says it will be wrong for Shrien Dewani to leave South Africa without taking the stand in his murder trial.

Judgment in the British businessman's application to be discharged and acquitted is expected to be delivered in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

He is accused of ordering a hit on his wife during the couple's honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010.

Anni's brother, Anish Hindocha, says, "It would be a terrible development in what has been a four-year wait if we and the people of South Africa are not afforded the full story. We don't want to return to Sweden or the UK and feel we didn't get a proper fair trial in South Africa."

If Dewani's application is granted on Monday, he will be able to leave the country a free man.

Meanwhile, local group the Society for the Protection of our Constitution is calling for Judge Jeanette Traverso, who is presiding over the trial, to be recused.

It wants prosecutors to ask Judge Traverso to postpone the trial in order to delay judgment in Dewani's application.

The group's Azad Kadri has also asked prosecutors to apply for Traverso's recusal.

"From my point of view we feel that she clearly is biased and not suitable for this particular case, with respect."

The group says it needs more time in order to apply to join the matter as a friend of the court.

Last week, a petition launched by another support group, Justice4Anni, requested Justice Minister Michael Masutha investigate Traverso's conduct, claiming she is biased towards Dewani.

The authors of the petition claim a case expert observing the trial compiled a dossier on Traverso's conduct which will be handed to the minister.

She is accused of being aggressive and openly rude towards the prosecution while being friendly towards the defence.


Anni's parents have revealed their intention to sue Dewani because he didn't disclose his bisexuality before he married her.

Speaking for the first time since the start of the murder trial, Anni's parents told the UK's _Daily Mail _earlier this week that Dewani married their daughter under false pretences.

"He deceived us. He totally deceived the whole family."

Vinod Hindocha said they were shocked to hear on the first day of the trial that Dewani was bisexual.

"Which father in the world, including me, would really allow their daughter to marry a person who sleeps with men?"

He called on Dewani not to be a coward and take the stand in his own defence.