Cape gangs linked to international crime syndicates

An ISS study shows Cape gangs have links to criminal syndicates in Nigeria, China & West Africa.

FILE: Cape Town police officers search suspects in Manenberg after gang warfare flares up on the Cape flats. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A study by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) shows many Western Cape gangs have links to international criminal syndicates.

The report revealed some of the province's most brutal gangs are working closely with criminals in countries including Nigeria and China.

ISS researcher Khalil Goga says some West African gangs have links with their South African counterparts.

"West Africa has become one of the hot spots for drug trafficking, organised crime and the like. One of the reasons is because of the weak governance in those areas. Criminals basically have carte blanche to do what they want to."