Anni's father: Shrien Dewani must man up and tell the truth

Speaking exclusively to the UK’s Daily Mail, Vinod Hindocha says Dewani owes them the full story.

FILE: Anni Dewani's father Vinod Hindocha makes his way to the Western Cape High Court amidst a group of journalists. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The father of slain tourist Anni Hindocha Dewani has called on her husband to man up and testify in his own murder trial.

Shrien Dewani is on trial in the Western Cape High Court for allegedly ordering a hit on his wife during the couple's honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010.

His lawyer, Francois van Zyl, has applied for his discharge and acquittal claiming there is no credible evidence against him.

On Monday, the Western Cape High court will deliver judgment in his application to be discharged and acquitted.

If Dewani's application is granted, he will return to Britain a free man without having to present his case.

But desperate for answers, his wife's parents want him to take the stand.

Speaking exclusively to the UK's Daily Mail, Vinod Hindocha says Dewani owes them the full story.

"He must speak out. Be a man, don't be a coward, speak out and say what really happened to Anni. The whole wedding was a drama, it was false."

Hindocha has revealed his intention to sue Dewani, who failed to disclose that he was bisexual before the wedding.

He says his daughter would never have married him if she knew the truth about his sexuality.

Dewani was extradited to South Africa earlier this year after a lengthy legal battle to stand trial for his role in the killing.

Three South African men were already convicted, one of whom has since passed way.