Numsa dismisses claims of plot for regime change

An allegedly bogus intelligence report has emerged on the union's supposed plans for regime change.

FILE: Numsa was voted out of Cosatu last month. Picture: Twitter via @Radio702.

JOHANNESBURG - Claims by the National Union of Metalworkers South Africa (Numsa) that its opponents are on a campaign to destabilise its future plans have reached new levels, with a break-in at the United Front meeting venue and what appears to be a bogus intelligence report on the union's supposed plans for regime change.

The document, titled Exposed - Secret Regime Change Plot to Destabilise South Africa, features the names of Numsa officials and civil society leaders that have associated with the union's united front.

It also accuses Numsa of inviting experts to refine the so-called regime change plot at its international symposium on socialism held in Boksburg earlier this year.

Nearly two weeks ago, the office of KwaZulu-Natal professor Patrick Bond was burgled.

Thieves made off with computer hard drives and tore up pictures of anti-apartheid poet Dennis Brutus.

Bond says his office is regularly used by organisers for the union's United Front and whoever ransacked it sent a clear message.

"That wasn't just a break-in it was an attempt to send a political signal."

Numsa is adamant the intelligence report has been faked to discredit the union while the state security agency says it has not yet received any official request to investigate.

The metalworkers union was voted out of the Congress of South African Trade Unions last month by 33 votes to 24 and the decision has since exposed the rift between rival affiliates.