Govt investigates deaths of SA citizens in Kabul

Werner Groenewald & his teenage son and daughter died in an attack by the Taliban on Saturday.

Afghan officials are pictured on a foreign compound following an attack by the Taliban in Kabul on 30 November, 2014. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - The Department of International Relations and Coorperation (Dirco) says it's expecting an update later today on an attack in Afghanistan, in which three South Africans were killed.

Werner Groenewald, his 17-year-old son Jean-Pierre and his 15-year-old daughter, Rhode, died in an attack on a guesthouse in Kabul by the Taliban in the country's capital on Saturday.

Groenewald was working for an education charity in the country.

Several other foreigners were also killed during the attack.

The South African government is still trying to gather information on the incident.

Dirco's Nelson Kgwete says the country's foreign mission in Pakistan is investigating.

"We have taken note of the reports about the allegations that they were mistaken for missionaries… All of that remains unconfirmed until we receive a report to that effect from the mission in Islamabad, which has got access to authorities in Afghanistan."

Groenewald's family had lived in Afghanistan for nearly 12 years, with the father running the charity and the mother working as a doctor at a Kabul clinic, a colleague said.

A family spokesperson says the family's house was burned down after the attack, however, the wife was at work at the time.

A number of foreigners have been attacked in the country's capital over the past two weeks.

Violence across Afghanistan has surged this year as the Taliban and their allies have stepped up their activities ahead of the scheduled withdrawal of most international troops by the end of next month.

In separate attacks in Kabul, two American soldiers, two British embassy workers and dozens of Afghan civilians have died.