Zuma: African youth must eradicate colonial legacy

The president said education is key for the continent to become completely independent.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

JOHANNESBURG - Colonial superpowers still have some control over African countries and the youth need education to fight for complete independence, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday.

He made the comments at a gathering of African youth leaders in Boksburg on Gauteng's East Rand.

"If we focus on education, given Africa's potential, in a few decades we could be one of the few leading regions. We need to remove the influence of the former colonial countries that still control us today in a different way."

Zuma was speaking at the fourth Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit where organisations from across the continent will assess the state of Africa's youth.

The president says Africa has over 600 million young people of which 70 percent are below the age of 30.

He says African countries need to stem the so-called brain drain to European countries.

Zuma told the gathering to prioritise education in order to take charge of the continent's economy and remove the influence of former colonial masters.