'Steve Hofmeyr tried to make money out of racism’

Conrad Koch says Hofmeyr took him to court because he wanted to make money out of racism.

Chester Missing and his puppet master Conrad Koch. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Puppet master Conrad Koch says the only reason Steve Hofmeyr dragged him to court over their social media fight is because the Afrikaans singer tried to 'make money out of racism'.

The Randburg Magistrates Court ruled on Thursday that Koch, who pulls Chester Missing's strings, is allowed to tweet about Hofmeyr, after the singer obtained an interim protection order, which has now been cancelled.

Earlier this month, Hofmeyr accused black people of being the architects of apartheid, which resulted in Koch calling on his sponsors to cancel their contracts with him.

Koch waited outside court with his puppet for Dan Roodt, who represented Hofmeyr, asking him why the singer didn't attend proceedings.

Roodt responded angrily, by squeezing the firm head of the puppet.

Roodt says Afrikaaners are defamed and insulted, but they will not be shaken, saying in English and then again in Afrikaans, "We are here to stay".

The court on Thursday ruled that Hofmeyr opened himself up to criticism when he took his views to social media.


In an unprecedented move on Thursday, this case was banned from being reported via Twitter in court.

Magistrate Naren Sewnarain did not allow cameras inside the court room and ordered electronic devices to be switched off.

Social Media Law specialist Emma Sadleir says the courts need to understand Twitter.

"I am very alarmed that there hasn't been more judicial attention about the issue of tweeting from the court. In just about every other jurisdiction it's been a very serious decision, should we allow tweeting from the court and what are the guidelines? There have been absolutely no guidelines from the judiciary in South Africa."